The first "Gutta" ball is believed to have been made in 1848 by the Rev. 51 The narrative goes that Haskell, while waiting to be received by Bertram Work at the Goodrich plant, started playing with a bit of rubber thread. Vintage Antique Gutty Gutta Percha Bramble Golf Ball c.1900 Appears to be a solid gutta-percha bramble which would date this to 1890-1900. A very nice heavy antique silver plated metal salt or pepper pot in the style and same size of a gutta percha (gutty) golf ball c. silk painting set gutta 4 x pictures. c. 1912-1930, The “Goodman”small Read More. This most closely resembles the golf balls that are used today and is the most common type of golf ball … 800-449-4097. Very Large 2-932 Inch And Beautiful Antique Gutta Percha Marble. Vintage "NATIONAL FLOATER SQUARE MESH" Golf Ball. Leather balls were the earliest used - Image: Stranraer Museum. Pros and Cons Pros. gutta percha Just like the invention of the gutta percha ball, the invention of the rubber-wound golf ball is kind of romanticised. £55.00 0 bids + £7.50 P&P . $400.00. c. 1850-1905, The “Braid”line cut $5,000.00. ANTIQUE COLLECTIBLE SPALDING WIZARD BRAMBLE GUTTA PERCHA GOLF BALL - 1899. If you are interested in obtaining the essential guide book to collecting golf balls. Gutta percha golf ball, with traces of white paint, very unusual tan colour. Pictured here is a gutta percha ball from around 1890. $1,750.00. However, the so-called gutties lost favor by 1900. $19.00. Dr. Robert Adams Patterson from gutta-percha packing material. c. 1898-1905, The “Ouimet”mesh The gutty golf balls were first introduced in 1848 and were golfers' preferred ball until the early 1900s. Antique vintage old Golf Balls. Balata, however, is relatively soft. Read More, The Brown line cut ball is a playable modern replica of the ball David (Deacon) Brown would have used to win the 1886 Open Championship at Musselburgh. £50.00 0 bids + £40.00 P&P . They were made, after all, of solid polymer! $5.00 shipping. Each ball is hand-wrapped and placed inside the box, making them great for gifts. They were made from the rubber-like sap of the gutta percha tree, and gutty (or guttie) golf balls could be made from molds, made much faster and much cheaper than featheries. It is hard and non-brittle, and becomes soft and impressible at the temperature of boiling water. The Gutta Percha Company had few competitors during the 1850s, and supplied the bulk of the cable core in the early years of the industry, including that for the 1857 and 1858 Atlantic cables. Antique Gutta Percha Golf Ball. 12 Antique. $189.00. $179.00. Antique Vintage 27 Line Cut Guttie Gutta Percha Golf Ball . Each ball is hand-wrapped and placed inside the box, making them great for gifts. It was the major product used for golf ball manufacture from around 1848 well into the 1900’s. Antique Gutta Percha For Sale. A mere blink of an eye when compared to the feathery, but the Gutty had a much greater impact on the game of golf… Very. Watch; Antique Golf Ball Mesh, Gutta Percha, Bramble Oversized Dimpleearly 1900s. Something went wrong. View Cart 10% Off Today for New Email Subscribers! U.S. Royal Tiger Yellow Golf Ball. Classic Gutta Golf Ball Mold Offered here for bidders is a classic gutta golf ball mold. These took forever to make and were highly expensive. Before 1850, golf balls were made from leather – with the interior stuffed with feathers. When ordering our golf balls, you can have them pacakged in a specialized gift-box. Photo Credit: “Haskell Golf Ball” to The British Golf Museum. $1,100.00. The outer covering or skin for future ball designs continued to be the tough and strong thermoplastic. This will add nicely to any collection, especially an antique golf ball one. arty's gutta collection astrology. £101.00 29 bids + £12.50 P&P . Golf Bags for sale Hickory Era Items For Sale Contacts and Links Golf Balls. Home; Your IP Address is: Gutta-percha is a tree of the genus Palaquium in the family Sapotaceae.The name also refers to the rigid, naturally biologically inert, resilient, electrically nonconductive, thermoplastic latex produced from the sap of the tree, particularly from Palaquium gutta; it is a polymer of isoprene which forms a rubber-like elastomer.. Unfortunately, the gutta-percha proved difficult for golfers to hit out of both fairways and the rough. Gift Boxes (Dozen-Ball Sets) Historical Period: Various. Collectible golf balls featuring gutta percha, mesh, and bramble antique golf balls. Please contact me for more information. Vintage Dunlop Golf Ball Man Bramble Head … Read More, When ordering our golf balls, you can have them pacakged in a specialized gift-box. For any vintage golf ball collector looking to add a Gutta Percha ball to their collection, look no further. The “Park” The “Park” gutta percha (hardened sap of the Malaysian sopadilla tree) ball traces its history to 1848 when a St. Andrews student, Robert Paterson, melted discarded gutta from his worn shoe bottoms and rolled it into a golf ball.Willie Park, Sr. won the first Open Championship in 1860. or Best Offer +$12.00 shipping. Gutta Percha is a rubber-like material that comes from the dried sap of sapodilla trees of East Asia. Pictured here is an early gutta percha golf ball with hand made markings dating around 1850 to 1855. c. 1905-1930, The “JH Taylor”soft There's a common misconception that gutta-percha causes allergies due to its similarity to latex, but this idea is misguided. dimple replica Read More, History of The “JH Taylor” Soft Mesh Ball Read More. mesh replica The tree is tapped and the soft, viscous fluid released is a rubber-like material similar to gutta-percha, which was found to make an ideal cover for a golf ball. Jan 18, 2019 - Explore Sandee Boggess's board "Gutta Percha", followed by 223 people on Pinterest. Two families dominated the virtual "closed-shop" that was early 19th century golf ball making, the Robertson's and the Gourlay's. limited flight Buy Antique Gutta Percha on eBay now! Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You May Also Like, Gary Player Golf Ball In Vintage Golf Balls, Mickey Mouse Golf Balls In Vintage Golf Balls, Lee Jeans Trevino Golf Ballin Vintage Golf Balls, Golf Ball Collection In Vintage Golf Balls. £78.00 3 bids + £7.50 P&P . New Listing ANTIQUE COLLECTIBLE SPALDING VARDON FLYER GUTTA PERCHA BRAMBLE GOLF BALL - 1900. $375.00.