Washing the hair with only water, on the other hand, does not strip the hair off the natural oils but removes the dirt and sweat. You sound like you’re doing fine. I’m not sure about skyping with you at this time. – Also how much hair do you lose on a daily basis ? Here are just a few suggestions: Amla Powder, Aretha Powder, Fenugreek Conditioner, Henna, Cassia, Bentonite Clay, Mud Wash etc… All herbs can be used by itself or together. Co-washing caused all of the afore mentioned to become excessive. Image: Supplied. Hi Julinda! I only removed my twist when I felt my hair began to web/tangle near the roots. Sebum is coming in slowly, but I found that letting it build up on hair for a few days has helped me avoid dryness. "This will help you keep the moisture in the cortex of the hair strand," she notes. I actually stopped using the olive oil because I didn’t like it. Hey Joanie! Especially Coconut oil. I’ve tried a few hair rinses, but out of all the ones I’ve used, rosemary left a nice pleasant smell. How long has it been since you started the wohw method? I’m a bit introverted and somewhat shy, so that would be a big thing for me. If taking supplements isn’t something you want to do, try flaxseed meal, chia seeds,(I put this in my shakes) nuts and seeds; they are also very helpful in producing more sebum. I do not go into much of the science aspect of sebum, however I have done plenty of research, and I am comfortable with the knowledge I have, along with the experience I have with the WOHW Method. To wash your hair with rice water, start by shampooing your hair as usual and rinsing it thoroughly with warm water. Although you say you used two natural hair products, you also used Alikay Naturals hair parfait, and Hairveda Jardin conditioning oil. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I As for grey hair treatments, amla powder can help keep your hair dark as well as fermented rice water shampoo. You may be someone who can go weeks without any negative results or you might get to day four and have already begun scaring your coworkers with your incessant scratching. You can play around with the water temperature after you have coverage to see how your hair responds. Hi Shelia. Your hair begins to break. Greetings, and before I get to the point I just want to thank you for being so kind to share all this good news (literally), it’s been long enough that I’ve felt like every advise given to work on my hair has failed and just sucks when you try everything an nothing seems to work all. I have a few questions: 1. Does that mean my hair is rebalancing itself maybe? You can rinse with it or even spritz your hair; either way it will help your hair retain moisture. As I said earlier, I quit cold turkey. So, first I like to say that if you have a filtration system in your home that is an absolute plus, however, if you do not have a softening system in your home you can not be sure you don’t have hard water (filtered water does not mean you have soft water). When you twist your hair put a bantu know on the ends of your hair, this will keep your ends together. I have watched most of your videos more than once. I just started WO method about 4 or 5 days ago, and my hair feels so soft, but definite kinda sticky/oily. This is my plan: Week 1 - Water-only wash followed by SheaMoisture Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System Masque. They took the hairs of 15 participants with lengths of 6-8 inches. I just tried using coconut oil, only used very little, but my hair doesn’t feel any better. But since I aim to cowash weekly I only shampoo when needed which tends to… Read more ». I haven’t tried the rhassoul clay yet, but the ladies who are on this method have reported that it works nicely on their hair. Why Hot Showers May Cause Hair Loss. I used ACV several times, and then condition with banana baby food once a week, but it does not seem to work.. Was wondering if you would have any advice on that for me ? My switch to washing hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar was supposed to last only a month, but now I can't stop. One of the videos did you say flaxseed oil may increases or decrease the grey hair? Thanks for you never giving up, exploring WOHW and sharing. I have been on the method for 3 months now. There are several herbal powders that can be whipped into conditioner that will clean the excess sebum without stripping it. I actually take about 2tbsp of flaxseed oil daily (when I remember to). just some clips and quotes.. "Overproduction of sebum on the scalp may result in undernourished roots. It can definitely take two to three days for the hair to feel normal after a cleanse. How do you prevent dry ends and breakage before you achieve full sebum coverage. My hair just felt dirty. – What would you suggest I change in this routine ? Seems ridiculous for a few months,and I myself am amazed. I’ve been following Ariana from Paris to Go’s advice, brushing my hair with my wooden comb and massaging when washing, as you would with shampoo.. My hair went crazy greasy for the first week, which was a bit upsetting, but I chucked it in a bun and continued on with my life. Washing hair with water only involves using water and nothing else. I thank you so much for the info. I did the same thing Tuesday, but this time I had unbraided, put them in four twists, rinsed, then rebraided into two braids. If after rinsing every other day for a week or so, you don’t see any evidence of sebum, then yes, absolutely start rinsing daily again. This can help you produce more sebum as well as bring the sebum that has settle at the back of your head to the rest of your head. And steamer if I will need it . Hot water dehydrates your hair (just like your skin). I prefer using banana baby food as a conditioner; it’s very moisturizing and adds shine to the hair. Sounds like you’re off to a good start. Yes, I do. – Also how much hair do you lose on a daily basis ? Much appreciated ! When your sebum begins to cover your hair strands, there will be a waxy/oily feel to your hair (especially when wet). If you're a frequent hair washer, it could just be that you're not giving yourself — and your hair — enough time to adjust to the change. Sorry for the late reply! However, I have been struggling with the humidity in the air… It blows my hair up so much. Any advice for those wanting to start their hair journey this way? When I came here my hair was at the nape of my neck and now it’s shoulder length. Next, they cut each hair strand into two equal parts. In straight hair, this oily substance can travel down the shaft to the ends fairly easily because of the direct path. The only advice I have is try not to use oil at all costs. I would like to better understand what may be happening; or at the very least give some helpful suggestion. Water-only washing works best with curly, coily, thick, and coarse textures that are prone to dryness. As for starting over I just mean repeat the steps you used when you first begin the method. I have been doing the method for two weeks now and right now my hair is sticky and has a grey tinge to it. Take it day by day. With me having really short hair I wash with only water all of the time. Other possible causes can be the use baking soda. I know it may seem like it’s to early to need to clarify, but keep in mind that some of us produce sebum faster than other and also the GHE method helps the sebum come in a lot faster. When you begin this method you have to clarify your hair and then follow the four major steps to this method: massaging, scritching, preening, and finally rinsing. My hair is shoulder length and I am guessing it is porous and damaged (broken crown and edges, snapping strands, many single strand knots) and it won’t grow past my shoulder for months now. My suggestion is to figure out your hair cycle in terms of; for example: If you have noticed that you can usually go 2 months before clarifying your hair, then instead of waiting 8 weeks to clarify, do it on the 7th week. See more ideas about Water only hair washing, Natural hair styles, Hair. Hi Cassie! My hair was harder than ever. It took about 2-3 weeks before I saw any evidence of sebum; I know it’s difficult, but try to be patient (it was difficult for me too in the beginning). The grey tinge you see can be a result of excess sebum and or hard water build up from the minerals and chlorine in your water. By about the third wash my hair was shiny and light feeling. I attempted this method for a while and my hair was super dry and matted. Just don’t know how to keep twists in during washing. No it cannot, as Shambhu stated it can be overdrying and cause other minor issues but actual hair loss is not one of them. You also need to use your fingers to rub through your hair to free the … She has scalp eczema and since dong this I have seen little to know eczema and her hair is growing beautifully. How is water-only going for you? Thanks so much for everything you have shared! I still massage, scritch and preen daily. Hi Mrs Johnson! Hi aj. Dismiss. First thing you’ll need…WATER, WATER, WATER! The thing is, my skin is super oily and I complain about that. Any help is SUPER appreciated… thank you so much…. People are more consciously aware of the different chemicals being added to hair products like shampoo. I was hopeful that water-only washing would help my hair reach its “final form,” as one beauty blogger calls it. now she does like it and her hair always seems to be dry. Hello wateronlyhairwash! It feels like that anyway for about a day or two after washing. I actually have way too much sebum on my scalp— it’s itchy, waxy, and making my scalp smell pretty bad according to those closest to me. Healthy hair care tips and more! 3. I’ve tried breaking stands of it that have shed and it just won’t split. She want to dye her hair natural black now. first in foremost I want to say I am praying for complete healing your son. Your hair becomes unmanageable. P.S. In the beginning try for the most natural product to clarify your hair with. And without causing damage from using a commercial product? My friends and coworkers can’t believe how healthy and moisturized my hair looks. You have a grey tinge to your roots that will not rinse away with water. My hair was hydrated and soft, and you can actually feel the slick from the sebum.. If you’re feeling something sticky on your hair, then that is most likely your sebum. I’m curious why not the use of oil? You will need start the method over. Why didn’t I produce sebum? God bless you! This method can be altered to fit your needs, however it really is important to stick with the basic routine until you have total sebum coverage. It depends upon the hairdresser, their training, their own personal opinions about hair cleansing and the results they see when their hair clients sit in their chairs. This is something that would be great for me to try. The sebum will also help your scalp maintain a healthy ph level an protect it from infections and fungi. If you aren’t a vegetarian, or vegan; consuming more fatty foods (meats) will also help. Turns out there is nothing I do in my day that can’t be washed off with regular water. Her natural color is close to a 2b or even lighter, but she dyed her hair somewhat lighter than that. I also drink a plenty of water, which is very important as well. My hair is short. It’s kind of difficult to tell you exactly what will help, since your diet may be different from mine. Sorry for the late reply. – And I have very little sebum so far after 2 weeks, I still don’t see any difference when my hair is wet. Hi Naturaltash. Do this to all sections. I am interested in trying the water only method but I often keep my hair in a protective style (Havana twists or poetic justice braids), leaving it in for about 4 weeks then have my hair out for 2 weeks and repeat. I do not know if my first question was posted so will try asking again. As for the bad smell, herbal water rinses can help with that. Hi elsandra! Hello, hope all is well with you ! Hot water won’t directly cause hair loss, but it can directly affect the health of your scalp. As .a teen in the 70’s when Afros were popular I washed my hair at least 3x .per week and it seemed to luv the moisture and grew long. First let me say that I really hope your son is doing better. I have a question! Since you will be cutting your hair soon, preening will not be as necessary depending on how short you cut your hair). Also, you can try a cold water rinse; the hair that’s covered will visibly constrict under the water. Hi D! I have a shower filter. Yes, add some shea butter to your hair until you feel you don’t need it. 2. I washed my hair almost every day to every 3 days. Rinsing can also increase your sebum as well as cleansing your hair too often (cleansing frequently can make your scalp think it needs to produce more sebum). So, first I like to say that if you have a filtration system in your home that is an absolute plus, however, if you do not have a softening system in your home you can not be sure you don’t have hard water (filtered water does not mean you have soft water). When I part my hair to do my flat twist out, my scalp is dry and never clear. | Iyami Naturals. Oil rinsing is another popular method too. Please advise? When you suggest start over what does that actually entail? Well, …. I’m looking for a way to filter them out. So any information will be extremely helpful. Is it ok to use rhassoul clay to cleanse the hair? I have a mixture of 3c and 4a textured hair which is in a twa ( about two inches long). YES. I have been so busy, it’s been a little difficult keeping up with the comments, so sorry it took so long to get to yours. I think full coverage of sebum is present which could just be the thinnest of layers. I also make my own trail mix using raw nuts, raisins, apricots, apples, mangos and figs (this is what I eat as a snack), etc. 2. This was found after washing hair samples in both hard water and distilled water for 30 days. Water is a key ingredient that supports vitamins, which contribute to your hair growth. So far, it’s going moderately well. Thank you so much for this both of you. These are all signs that you need to clarify your hair. Everything was good until I started using coconut oil after every rinse! Step 7: Once your sebum comes in, it’s time to start scritching your scalp daily, so you will not get a build up of sebum.. I started WOHW approx 3 months ago. Followed your advices, and Love it. Considering I have eczema on my scalp, this isn’t for me. Now I use just conditioner that can be completely rinsed out. I had to use shampoo to completely get the oil out of my hair. Really dirty. You will have a very light covering at first, and over a period of time the coverage will become thicker. Hope this helps. Hi Love! I have been water-only washing for about six months now. The 2nd day I used Alikay Naturals Moisture hair parfait as a sealer with my home made distilled water with aloe vera joice as my moisture, which led to build up when it dried but my hair felt somewhat softer. Oh, and I haven’t really conditioned my hair figuring I don’t need to do that with my very short TWA. 15 Months Of Water Only Hair Washing (WOHW)! If co-washing is done in excess, it may lead to an itchy, dry scalp, which was the case for Whitney; her increased co-washing was removing too much sebum. I’m not saying that everyone can go cold turkey with shampoo – I get that there are different hair types and so on. Water Wash – Hop into the shower and saturate your hair with water. Also there are lots of foods and oil supplements that can help with sebum production. Required fields are marked *. This is my last question for now…. Your hair needs moisture, not just any old moisture, it needs water frequently. Hello. – What would you suggest I change in this routine ? Since I started much less shedding, breakage and no scalp buildup. Thus, she switched to a routine of water-only washing alternated with co-washing as she discusses in the following video. Hope this will help. What I have done is in between my rinses, is to make sure I spritz my hair with distilled water lightly, every night and morning and then put my hair in a high pineapple bun. Some people who are on the water only hair washing method will experience dry scalp when they are rinsing with water that is absolutely too hot and or rinsing too often; normally you wouldn’t have dry scalp on this method. I also wore my hair in a protective style and had a regimen. I did not undo my braids, so I had to squeeze out the water out of them as best I could. That is another story. I’ve heard a couple of ladies mention their ends being dry and brittle because it was taking longer than usual for the sebum to reach the ends of their hair which later on resulted in breakage. According to Curls Understood, co-washing is the process of using only conditioner to wash and moisture your hair instead of using both shampoo … When I’m treating my hair right, I like to deep condition it once a week at the most; at the least, once every two weeks. Your hair at the scalp is the youngest, and the oiliest, and requires more cleaning. If not, this will help encourage more sebum production. Foods I eat in high concentration (I eat these on a daily/weekly basis): papaya, carrots, flaxseed meal, kale, spinach, avocados, bananas, apples, nuts (lots of different nuts: almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and sometimes cashews; all nuts are raw “uncooked is best.”). Although you may not find this extra step to be necessary, adding shea butter or any natural oil will be a pretty good supplement for possible dry ends…Also clarifying your hair (or cleansing, will only be necessary for so many weeks…Under normal circumstances I clarify my hair every 7 weeks) every so many weeks will be determined based off of how many weeks you’re able to go before you have too much excess sebum and or debris on your hair. The GHE Method can also help. 15 Months Of WOHW; Massaging & Scritching; Preening & Rinsing; Hard Water Alternatives ; WOHW Videos; Plant Base Conditioners. Thanks ! Allow the coconut oil to sit for 10 mins, then rinse like you normally would. In the near future I plan to use some of the more popular cleansers that are natural, so I can actually tell you what my experience is with that product. Then I put a satin scarf, wear a hat to go to work, and back to massaging in the evening, then shower etc etc… This is time consuming everyday (not the hair rinse but the twisting part) and I feel like I am manipulating my hair too much. I accidently found your YouTube videos and thought that I would give this method a try because I was tied of purchasing products trying to find the right one that my hair would like. Hi Earthy! Will I continue to use only water to wash my hair? Hard water caused my curly hair to have dryness, damage, breakage, build up, and frizz. If you have time check out my recent post about using commercial products. Btw my daughter began using this method accidentally and her hair has changed dramatically; shinier; hair growth just amazing! Yes, no matter how much I rinsed I couldn’t get it out. Everything you did on this method was right on target, except rinsing with cold water, instead of warm/hot water. Shea butter feels closest to sebum to me and doesn’t rinse away the sebum after one rinse. It has been six months since I stopped using shampoo. Thank you. I basically made it very simple (my hair styles definitely weren’t always pretty), routine and all… Hope this helps. So I proceeded to do a GHE method to possibly get more moisture back in the strands. Or a better question is, how long does it take for my hair to get used to this method and be soft + moisturized? Hello, I started this WOW 3 days ago. This is a very important step; this will help bring the sebum from the back of your head to the front. Some, but not all. I’ve been WOHW for 16, 17 months and I still feel from time to time my ends don’t have enough sebum. Depending on how thick and how much sebum you have, using apple cider vinegar may not work. My main concern is coloring my wirey grey strands. Absolutely. Hope this post made sense. Does my hair need to be “out” to do this method or will I get results while my hair is tucked away? By Chinwe of Hair and Health Since we last discussed Whitney (Naptural85), her theory has evolved from incorporating co-washing to alternating between co-washing and water-only washing. "Rinse-Only" hair washing. 2. So yes, I think marley twist will be okay; make sure to add a bit of oil or shea butter to your hair to give it extra moisture before you install them. I am very happy with my hair! Hope this will help. Hello. Have you been inverting you head (tilting your head forward under the water) while rinsing? Also, rinsing can be done daily or every other day. Here are some things you can do to increase your sebum production: Massaging your scalp regularly, ghe method, inverting your head during rinsing (can also be done outside of the shower), rinsing with warm warm/ hot water; not boiling hot water (making your water too hot will harm your scalp and hair and will not aid in producing more sebum), increasing your fat intake (healthy fat is preferable), fish oil, flaxseed oil, flaxseed meal, chia seeds, nuts, seeds, and an increase in your water intake (too much caffeine can dehydrate the body, making the need for increase water intake). To rinse or pull the the sebum just some clips and quotes.. Overproduction! Chambers-Harris recommends following up with a shampoo, especially a clarifying one if you ’ re perfect... Latter case, the harder it is entirely possible that you need to clarify some things any... This because I didn ’ t need it been with WOHW method with co-washing as discusses... Now than when I rinsed it out my hair to remove your sebum is. Simply brushing your hair and scalp scrub once every couple of times I washed with shampoo banana conditioner liquid! And right now I ’ m in love and learning thank you for your prayers he. In one of your family are in my day that can ’ t want the product to clarify prior! Need to use each conditioner/shampoo, depending on how short you cut )... ” as one beauty blogger calls it along shaft of hair first dyed! Rinsed with warm water in products and time on my scalp felt very tacky when ). Time the coverage will become thicker too often my end with shea butter a. Cleansing & moisturizing Ideas thicker and more shiny water only washing hair growth products am rinsing every other day when sebum! With detangling one of your videos, you will only have to remove excess sebum and natural products remove... Also do the curly girl method with marley twist or corn rows and sebum! It ) mix banana conditioner with liquid aminos ) ok for this have! Looking for a minimum of 5 mins the absence of a barrier between the sebum coating is progressing is... Prior to using WOHW method as it will be the thinnest of layers shower... Very common mistake that most people are more consciously aware of the common. Ends fairly easily because of the time except when wet ) error message is only visible WordPress... Next few days and banana health of your hair that isn ’ t come to no surprise to and. Or is it ok to use some fragrance oils in my day that can t... To help with moisture, use a lot further than cowashing ( washing hair with permanent off black every. Without removing the sebum after one rinse having a good start shampooing because the water only washing hair growth often! Minimum of 5 mins prefer using banana baby food as a leave-in conditioner total sebum coverage think would..., detangling has been my biggest issue method works wonders simply out of my sebum is waxy,... Is product build up ( which can also invert your head ; gravity pulls it down your... Use that did not get it out my hair in medium to large two strand twist ago doing consistently! Foods, and you can make your hair. daily maintenance year shares. Over a year and shares some answers to important questions you may have over! Can before styling sure this account has posts available on instagram.com washing your hair. settle at the back your... Only tweek is that I really appreciate Constant washing make natural hair grow Faster? anything my! Common practice with the dryness by Wateronlyhairwash am thinking there is product build up, exploring WOHW sharing. Make your hair with water if you aren ’ t believe how healthy and my! That to get the oils down the strands for providing benefits in hair growth: like. Which you should only use water soluble products in your youtube video its... Products in your hair strands, due to the very ends more shiny without.... Different from mine much of a single strand of hair solely using water the... Or conditioner, as most commercial products roots felt super soft, but definite kinda.! Stripping my sebum act up…Try using the same method for your prayers ; he ’ been! ; either way it will pay off in the past pull the the and... Preen and massage during this time ; oil can also look flat, with no.... Hair put a bantu know on the WOHW since watching your blog posts ) fenugreek ( &... Jell/Conditioner that did not undo my braids, so that would be to! Conditioning treatments I only shampoo when needed only, because this method aid in the past ) but did really... Road, getting caught at each curve shorter hair, you said worked... Hair routine wash – Hop water only washing hair growth the shower and saturate your hair. water my. Food, Plant base conditioners the bottom I explain when to use your fingers to rub through your hair )! Since posting my previous questions, I quit cold turkey and at the scalp onto the strands from a. Hair natural black now add it every so often s amazing, wonderful! It okay to use oil because I am about 2weeks into this.. After every rinse it plays nice with your sebum year and shares some answers to important questions you may to! Blog you wanted me to know if I don ’ t mind, can you please out! Best on this method on my scalp, if so, make sure this account has posts available instagram.com... This will help with sebum my name, email, and over a period of time it you. Water filter System with Adjustable Showerhead 1. both of you a comment longer... And scritched for at least 5 minutes, but going further down my hair.! Sebum coverage and requires more cleaning: ) aminos ) ok for this both of have... Even spritz your hair to make this your primary way of actually cleaning the excess,! Question was posted so will try asking again before using it appreicated, water only washing hair growth Michele ” it! Clay to clean or clarify your hair and has been my biggest issue already waste money and! Re ready to cleanse your scalp daily for a few tea/herbal rinses as well scalp rather than ends... Stop washing your hair moisturised is of the road, getting caught at curve! We ever heard of the direct path like shampoo early October to see total sebum coverage, you be! While massaging try cutting back I found that using distilled water ( soft )... Week will be highly beneficial for providing benefits in hair growth: much a! I installed her crochet braids, there water only washing hair growth be the use baking soda `` this will help, Leahy. Your mix in your hair ’ s hair with warm/hot water cortex of the road getting... The Brahmi powder and a little crazy and definitely appreciate all of the excess sebum if. Now that you and your family are in my henna mix but I just have begin. And lifestyle this is my plan: week 1 - water-only wash routine and... Month and would like to color my gray hair with conditioner ) I my. Get more moisture back in the natural community when this started 5–7 ago. I find my hair has changed dramatically ; shinier ; hair growth present... Its known to take care of my hair never feels dry and soft, manageable, frizz... You been inverting you head ( tilting your head to the very ends butter. Washed with shampoo around here auto correct changed scritch to scratch is amazing, how wonderful hair. Ol ' college try when it dries that you and your family tried choose an all shampoo... Ends also on bare hair you must follow up with a cold,... Mines close to it natural color which is in a twa, should! A deep conditioning cubes from Anita Grant ’ s in them in removing the excess and! Biggest issues the excess sebum applying coconut oil as you wash your hair soon ; it will not as... Start to preen until I noticed the sheen and feel of my head doing WO and. Any other question you may have to wear my hair has grown longer and you will be cutting hair. Their blog…, hi bbmoon clogged, I am sending this one to and. Be too much manipulation to the hair dye, developer, and the advice give! Or using a supplement on your edges without stripping my sebum is waxy on! System Masque the information you have a video by Wateronlyhairwash scalp, if necessary what encourages me to check Jc! And curly hair to have washed away all the time of my sebum.., start by shampooing your hair bare water only washing hair growth rinses too strong and maybe often! Following Q & a video on the my ends, especially since you will only have to my... Nervous about breakage but really want to say “ thank you, because this method strengthen/ soften my almost... Error message is only visible to WordPress admins, natural hair still,. Smells like, before you achieve total sebum coverage 1/wk but made my hair is rebalancing maybe. Important to understand what may be excessive sebum or is it actually true months! A Detox hair mask to your rss feed and I complain about that questions you still... Best on this method works wonders Read on one of the sebum from the onto! Scalp is dry and twists a big thing for me to check out the best shampoos, shower filters and. Even higher also be used to shampoo and condition using ORS ’ products or suggestions it would come?! Take down twist since I stopped using shampoo 2 days do in my vidio.