The dial of Ahaz was a public instrument intended for all the people of Jerusalem. To live with dying thoughts is the way to die with living comforts. Lehre uns bedenken, dass wir sterben müssen, auf dass wir klug werden. So long as men treat sin as a trifle they will treat God with irreverence and themselves with abuse. "John Wesley's Explanatory Notes on the Whole Bible". Amplified Holy Bible, softcover. Clouds sometimes come between the mind and God's book, but the Sun of righteousness never sets, and there is a silver lining in the darkest cloud of the Christian's experience. 1983-1999. The blunders of life do not kill. John Trapp Complete Commentary. English Standard Version Update. Joseph Benson's Commentary. For Moses could not intend hereby to give the Israelites any hopes that, by applying their hearts unto wisdom, they might procure a revocation of that peremptory sentence of death passed upon all that generation; nor to suggest that other men might, by so doing, prevent their death; both which he very well knew to be impossible; but he intended to persuade the Israelites and others to prepare themselves for death, and for their great account after death, and, as they could not continue long in this life, and must expect much misery while they did continue in it, to make sure of the happiness of another. (John 13:18) Psalms 45:6 - "Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever." 12.Teach us so to number our days. v., p. 24. Let us remember that. (12) Number our days.—This verse as it stands literally gives to allot, or in allotting (see Isaiah 65:12), our days, so teach, and we will cause to come the heart wisdom. Wir haben es viel eiliger damit, die Sterne zu zählen, als unsere Tage, obwohl Letzteres viel mehr praktischen Nutzen hätte. Earthly life is not a unit; it is only a minute fraction of a unit. This must surely be what the psalmist meant by "establish the work of our hands." 2 Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever you had formed the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God. 2 Ehe denn die Berge wurden und die Erde und die Welt geschaffen wurden, bist du, Gott, von Ewigkeit zu Ewigkeit, 3 der du die Menschen lässest sterben und sprichst: Kommt wieder, Menschenkinder! C.H. 1999. "[17] It is as if Moses is saying, "O God, let us at least have good times that are as long as the evil times we have suffered. So much the fouler and more shameful is our stupidity in never comprehending the short term of our life. 1685. Psalms 16:9 - Therefore my heart is glad and my glory rejoices; My flesh also will dwell securely. 1840-57. The sun went backwards, and not forwards, on the dial of Ahaz, as a sign to King Hezekiah that he would get well again. Those who do God's will during their earthly pilgrimage are happy indeed. Finding the new version too difficult to understand? By taking a just account of life, that we may bring to it a heart truly wise, or act wisely in view of these facts. I. References: Psalms 90:12.—J. "Commentary on Psalms 90:12". Our Price: $13.49 Save: $6.50 (33%) Buy Now. Our Price: $27.99 Save: $12.00 (30%) Buy Now. "Commentary on Psalms 90:12". Doch wie viel Tiefe in diesem Satz steckt, habe ich erst gemerkt, als mein Opa gestorben ist. Retail: $19.99. Casting our eyes back upon the year now past and gone, are there no mercies which claim a note of thankful praise? a land of darkness?" Numeration is a child's exercise in arithmetic, but in order to number their days aright the best of men need the Lord's teaching. Mach uns bewusst, wie kurz das Leben ist, damit wir unsere Tage weise nutzen! "Commentary on Psalms 90:12". In the last day you will be responsible for yourself. So teach us — By thy Spirit and grace, as thou hast already taught us by thy word; to number our days — To consider the shortness and miseries of this life, and the certainty and nearness of death, and the causes and consequences thereof; that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom — That we may heartily devote ourselves to the study and practice of true wisdom; meaning, undoubtedly, that wisdom which alone is such in the sense of the Holy Scriptures; namely, the fearing God and keeping his commandments, or true, genuine godliness and righteousness; that so, by making a right use of this short, uncertain space of time allotted us here, we may prepare for another state, a state of happiness hereafter. That we may apply our hearts] Heb. It indeed seems at first sight absurd to pray that we may know the number of our years. "Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible". BibliographyBullinger, Ethelbert William. Psalm 90,12 Gedanken zu Losung/Lehrtext des Tages. If anyone knew when, and where, and how he was to die, it might be presumed that this would exert an important influence on him in forming his plans, and on his general manner of life. Not that the Israelites might thereby procure a revocation of that peremptory sentence of death passed upon all that generation; nor that other men might hereby prevent their death, both which he very well knew to be impossible; but that men might arm and prepare themselves for death, and for their great account after death, and might make sure of the happiness of the future life; of which this text is a plain and pregnant proof. ; Fausset, A. R.; Brown, David. What a contrast is this with the attitude of many wicked people who live exactly as if they expected to live forever! "The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge". https: Fleeting as our days are, they are ennobled by our being permitted to be God's "tools"; and although we the workers have to pass, our work may be established. The psalmist knows that it is only God's favor that renews the sense of gladness and truly prospers the works of men."[18]. If we have indeed a personal and spiritual union with the Son of God, as our living Head, there will be communications out of his fullness, a supplying of all our needs—a drawing forth of faith, hope, and love—a support under trials, a deliverance from temptations, a deepening of his fear in the heart, and that continued work of grace whereby we are enabled to live a life of faith on the Son of God. The great mistake, perhaps, that people make when they reflect on the probable time they shall live in the body, is to think of their life on earth as the only life they have. How glorious is the apostolic assurance that, "We know that our labor is not in vain in the Lord" (1 Corinthians 15:58). Instruct us to set store by time, mourning for that time past wherein we have wrought the will of the flesh, using diligently the time present, which is the accepted hour and the day of salvation, and reckoning the time which lieth in the future to be too uncertain to allow us safely to delay any gracious work or prayer. That — That we may heartily devote ourselves to true wisdom. God is always eager to give a man or woman one more chance. Amplified Compact Holy Bible--soft leather-look, dark orchid/deep plum. Spurgeons's The Treasury of David. Click the Bible for the all new!! God sees the end - the time, the manner, the circumstances in which life will close; and although he has wisely hidden that from us, yet he can enable us to act as if we saw it for ourselves; to have the same objects before us, and to make as much of life, “as if” we saw when and how it would close. It is the only poem in the Psalter that is associated with Moses; the Hebrew in the superscription literally reads “a prayer to Moses, man of God,” and likely does not refer to Moses as the author … Continue reading "Commentary on Psalm 90:12-17" Time is to be regarded and prized not for the harvests that we reap, but for the seed-sowing that it enables us to do. Or, teach us rightly (as this word is used, Numbers 27:7 2 Kings 7:9). 15 Make us glad for as many days as you have afflicted us, and for as many years as we have seen evil. C.H. This is a plea, "For a restoration of God's favor. II. Psalms 41:11 - By this I know that You are pleased with me, Because my enemy does not shout in triumph over me. 3 Du läßt den Menschen zum Staub zurückkehren und sprichst: Kehrt zurück, ihr Menschenkinder! Psalms 90:12. We are knitted and knotted with other lives. Psalm 90 has often been categorized as a wisdom psalm, which, like the book of Ecclesiastes (see 3:19-20; 7:2), is very much in touch with human finitude and the brevity of human life (see also Psalms 39:4-6; 49:10-12, 16-20). "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, assuredly, for they shall rest from their labors, and their work's follow with them" (Revelation 14:13). with the preceding, or the point of the petition is lost, and though the ordinary rendering, “Teach us to number our days,” has given birth to a number of sayings which might be quoted in illustration, it is neither in itself very intelligible, nor, except by one instance in later Hebrew, can it be supported as a rendering of the original. Study This × Bible Gateway Plus. BibliographyTrapp, John. "Commentary on Psalms 90:12". The last clause, if intelligible at all, must mean “that we may offer a wise heart,” and the natural way to understand the verse is to make God, not man, as in the Authorised Version, the reckoner of the days. Alexander Maclaren has a marvelous paragraph on this with which we wish to conclude this chapter. Choose a verse from 'Psalms 63' to begin your 'Verse-by-Verse' study of God's Word using the more than 100 commentaries available on