Went through several First Nation villages along the route, where we could stay the night and pick up a few supplies at the Northern Stores. After many trips together, Rob will finally agree that it is a better white water boat than his Swift Dumoine. It will most likely rot or be crushed by ice over a few years, branches and the plaque detaching slowly, and they themselves will be pushed and swept down the river. After Tashka Rapid, land changes. Black bear comes for a visit while I am packing tent. Rob catches pike at Meggisi Creek. The Canoe Atlas of the Little North provided most of the information for the last half of the trip on the upper Winisk River. Paddle one hundred yards to native log portage, river right. Copyright © 2007-2020 CCR Inc. All rights reserved. I had kept in touch with the crew from Canoe Frontier and Sam Hunter on an irregular basis, trying to get a feel for the weather and water levels. A few waves as we complete Limestone Rapids, then drift some more. Lazy with no schedule. This is when the extras got tossed. Up at 6:10 am, foggy and wet. Burn areas common. Pull in, river right, above Tashka Rapids, Mile 51. Check out old square timbered log cabin river left. Kraft Dinner and biscuits for supper. Gotta love the remote north. There was fast water south of Muskeg Rapid, not marked on map. And hiking boots for dry land use. We eat it and soup at island one mile past. Time for rain gear. We try a backferry to get to shore, still go forward. Stop at small island north of Muskeg for a lunch of fresh bread and peanut butter. Enter in big souse hole, I take water to chin and four inches in boat. The coloured maps were taped back to back and laminated in pairs. Too many days of water, then folding and unfolding. We were out of luck, sort of. We make ten miles by 11:30 am, stop for snack gravel shore. Mile 57, line and lift river right. Bear Head Rapids is first fast water today. Rob gets one pickerel, we eat with Kraft Dinner and biscuits. Everyone tired this morning. Truck from Pickle Lake to Savant Lake Still stunted black spruce but more poplar appearing as regrowth in old burn areas. Today we will make Limestone Rapids. He trots down stream with us for about three hundred yards, looking at us occasionally. Warm, no wind, sunny. The flight itself was uneventful, right down to the smooth landing on the water. Jim and Bob decide to share some of their canned delicacies with us since Rob seems to be catching most of the fish. Portage on river left was just as shown on the map along with the large campsite above it. A bit ahead of us, he steps into channel, drinks and walks across and into bush. Take small channel about Mile 204, river right. Jim and Bob decide to stay on train to Orillia. The eastern boundary is … He is about to throw it back and I decide to keep it. We get a visit from a black fox; he startles us when we notice him standing, staring at us, his eyes glowing red just outside the light from the fire. Quite large, brown with large rack. A canoeist cannot have too many Nalgene bottles! After the bread, Rob makes muffins for breakfast, which we don’t share. Bob and Jim run right side of island (first mistake, should have gone left), some medium wave action. While paddling, I see a large wolf (timber wolf maybe, it was huge) on the bank and raise my voice to tell the others. With a brisk northwest wind the water chopped up quickly. Lunch in the boats, pita bread, peanut butter and juice. The wolf stops and turns, stares at us for a while, then disappears into the bush. Much of the country was burned over from various fires over the years. Rob makes muffins for breakfast; we’ll have soup and crackers for supper, save bread for lunch tomorrow. Between the two of us we have fourteen (only three went on this trip). Bob and Jim go bow under and fill boat to gunwales. North wind, cool, clouds coming in, maybe rain. Rob and I watch for them to reappear but we cannot see them. A year’s worth of planning and preparation was finally coming to an end. The bow and stern have been drilled through, about four inches below the decks, and nylon rope loops attached for a carrying handle that doubles as an attachment point for the lining ropes. Jim and Rob clean while soup cooks, rain hard now, we eat soup and pack fish for supper. Hoping for a good day. No problems were encountered so we were on our way. The only other packs in the boat were our personal daypacks that held raingear, a fleece jacket, and articles for use during the day. The weather was another unknown. An outing to look for polar bears and whales was arranged with Sam Hunter, a native guide from Peawanuck. Kraft Dinner for supper. Von dort fließt er weiter in nördlicher Richtung zur Hudson Bay. Back on day eleven there was mention of a plaque. Up early, snacks and rough pack for flight. Bernie Cox flies in and spends night; we’ll leave early. Make juice right away and drink most in ten minutes. neoprene paddling boots Everybody lazy today. Stone and gravel shores more common. We stop at large island in center to scout and cannot see other side. Brutal day today. We manhandled our gear and canoes into the baggage car, made sure they were all tagged and then waited to be seated. Approaching the opening we see the large waves ahead of us and finally realize we are heading for a monster rapid. We slog around puddles and mud, generally keeping to our route. Stop to bail again. Changes to tundra and mud flats. It may not always be like this; we had very high water levels helping us along. I get up during night, black sky, stars unbelievable, very cold, could be zero degrees. On water at 8 am into a brisk headwind and slight rain. We still fought the headwind, pushing hard to get off the big water. Canoe repair kit, first aid kit, reflector oven, paddles and spares, bailer, sponge, lining ropes, tarp ropes, bungee cords, personal locator beacon (borrowed), compass, bug dope, sunscreen, camera and film, binoculars, lip balm, matches, spare lighters, toilet kit, journal, PFD’s and of course the one indispensable article: toilet paper. I fall asleep for an hour, laying back on PFD and barrel, feet stretched out on deck. I don’t think that will ever stop. Fast water constant for next few miles. We pull in at Bear Head Camp to inspect and rest. full set of polypropylene long underwear (bottom and top) In bed at 11:00 pm. The river spread out in this area, like a small lake except it was all moving water. Shrubs are down to water except where there are sand and gravel shores. Winisk River, 475 km long, rises in Wunnummin Lake in the Kenora District of northern Ontario. Only the pack would get tied in on this trip. Set up tarp in rain. I seem to have the night off as Rob is doing everything. Truck from Savant Lake to Pickle Lake The conductor brought us up to the observation car (this is not considered purchased seating) and evicted four hapless travelers so we could take their seats. Jim and Bob follow, fill to gunwales. Driver from Thunder Bay to start of trip (14 hours) on the upper reaches of the Pipestone River, near Pickle Lake. Fall asleep in sun. Trees are spindly, water still high, no real shore with some growth twelve inches underwater. Winisk Village is only one house. that far north? This spot must have been a native camp at one time. We figure no one will believe us when we tell them the size of the waves. Sun coming up over trees, clear skies and warming fast. Gear and clothing showing wear and dirt. The final word on gear: be prepared for any situation. We participated in the Big Wild (CPAWS) to raise awareness of Ontario's threatened ecosystems in light of the Ontario government recently exempting the logging industry from compliance with the Endangered Species Act for five years, and because of the impending ecological damage from the proposed Ring of Fire mines. Large furry rack on this one. I lay back so far I’m almost under the barrel. Totem face carved in large tree at back of camp. Besides, Jim and Bob would be using their Dumoine and we needed one slightly smaller for “nesting”. Rob starts bread for tomorrow and we all comment about how good it smells, then start with remarks about bread for dessert. The beer would spend the night locked in the jail and then be transported by freighter canoe to the camp. We paddle twenty minutes near end of day, make camp at small brook river right Mile 161. Rob catches four pickerel in five minutes, Jim one. Large seals in river current. No hurry today, Peawanuck is only three hours away. Factory weight for a Mad River Freedom sixteen foot is seventy-two pounds, not pleasant for a long portage. When I hopped off the pontoon onto the dock, a native man asked how far we were going, and was told all the way to the bay, he said it was an awful small boat to be trying that in. There is a lifetime worth of memories. Coffee before supper, talk about Bear Head Rapid - HOLY SHIT!!!. Der Fluss liegt abgelegen und ist nicht per Straße … Nothing where marked on map. The repair kit that came with it was added to the gear - miles from nowhere is not the place to learn how to mend nylon or repair a bent aluminum pole with duct tape. A 1500-ml Nalgene bottle of some kind of flavoured water was the mandatory daily minimum ration for each of us. Sun out, we’re going to drift again today. Bed at 11:30pm. Water level was high-we encountered many rapids and current was strong. Persiades are out, watch comets. Both of us are comfortable living out of a pack. Trees disappear shortly. They will use Jim’s Swift by Dumoine. After supper its dry clothes and sit around the fire. Followed the Pipestone River to the Winisk River. After lunch we paddle a bit, we want to camp at Mile 210. Rob and I wanted to run as much white water as possible, but it looked like a low water year all over. On water at 8:35 am, wind up at 9 am. Most rapids would be runnable for most canoeists; the big ones for those experienced in white water only. Its major tributaries include the Pipestone, Asheweig, and Shamattawa rivers. Fast water to Baskineig Rapid. Poor campsite north end of island. Set up tarps and set good fire, sit around in poly-pro. The rivers, wetlands and forests of the Pipestone-Winisk River system are a boreal paradise – a world-class wilderness in our own backyard, an ecological wonder, as yet virtually untouched by humans, where a vast array of species still live unmolested. Partly cloudy, few stars. Combining modern ways and traditional Oji-Cree ways, our expert guides will fulfill your wilderness fishing adventure experience a memorable one....! Find good site on small island, west end of very large island, about Mile 179.5. In bed early. Bright and warm, slight headwind but we make good time. Lake Wunnummin was perfectly calm-it took us three hours to paddle across this huge body of water. Outboard motors are commonly used. Impassable to us. A set of maps, one inch to the mile, was ordered from the Geraldton office of the Ministry of Natural Resources. Everything considered, I would rate this trip as a ten out of ten. We’re leaving and see a heavy wall of rain approaching up the lake. The opening is actually most of the river water squeezing between two points on either shore. As we head down river, we see natives in small canoe shoot a caribou at waters edge. Sun out all afternoon, strip down to waist and soak up sun. Rob is in a playful mood as we enter a few small waves. The Atlas also provided many small details about portages, falls and the local people. Run into large pod of Beluga’s, Sam estimates at two hundred. Nobody feels like drifting. Lining ropes up to dry clothes. Yukon River Canoe Trips: Minto to Dawson City 10 Days (312 km) Imagine canoeing down the historic Yukon River on a professionally guided canoe trip adventure through the very places where the Klondike Goldrush took place over 100 years ago. No wind yet. It was filthy. We printed sections and laminated them for water protection. We see a caribou on gravel bar; he wades and jumps onto shore, shakes and stares at us. It was destroyed in the 1986 Winisk Flood. Er hat seinen Ursprung im Wunnummin Lake und fließt zum Winisk Lake. Cloudy and warm, slight south wind. Jim and Bob drove up from Orillia and we all met at Rob’s house. Wire transfers are also accepted. From there it continues in a mostly northly direction to Hudson Bay. Next island, about Mile 113, we find remains of small fire and stacked wood. My canoe is now at a hefty eighty-two pounds. Spare clothes included long flannel underwear, wool track pants, wool or synthetic sweater, a toque, gloves and spare fleece sweater. A half-inch overlap was left on the continuing edges in the series so a person would not be left wondering about the river when he came to the end of one map. Have to put canoe on side as windbreak while cooking supper. Push to Ashewig River and Winisk. Good fire, rain again, probably all night, we sit around under tarp and have a few drinks. Make fun of Rob’s shirt. None of us had canoed this very remote river system before, but thanks to planning, self-discipline and team work, we achieved our goal. All nine in van to airport, on plane by 7:00 am. Oatmeal, muffins and coffee for breakfast. Headwind turns strong, have to paddle hard. Hier sehen Sie als Kunde absolut ausschließlich die Liste an Produkten, die unseren enorm geregelten Vergleichskriterien standhalten konnten. A cardboard template was used to cut the maps into pieces that would fit into an eleven inch by seventeen-inch laminating pouch. River still moving fast, very broad. Alcohol was exempt from being reduced; we would carry more in our pockets if required. Lay by fire and watch northern lights. Some rapids even had blow-ups with better details and portages marked. Steep gravel banks. Rocks and waves all over, with a few large islands thrown in to make things interesting. Woke up and sun was out, wind down, very warm, sweating. Three tents and perhaps twenty natives. Oatmeal, biscuits and coffee for breakfast. Trips down the river to the community of Winisk Peawanuck are common. Der Winisk River ist 475 km lang und hat ein Einzugsgebiet von 67.300 km². At the same time we like to travel fast, and the Winisk's length, shape, and narrow beam provide plenty of speed even when we're loafing along. Scare up eagle from his roost as we drift by, only fifty feet away. Start looking for a “Round Hill” marked on the map, cannot pick it out or we passed it unknowingly. Still amazed by garbage along shore and at campsites. Caribou crossing river in front of us, he makes bank and is gone in two bounds. When the loaded police truck drove away, we were visited by about a dozen young native kids. Decide to make for next brook at Mile 195 and find a spot to camp. Everyone bathes - feels great. Very slow day. Liquids were decanted into Nalgene bottles of various sizes. Finally reach sand bar, its only three feet high, perception distorted. On water late, almost 10 am. Fantastic sunset, pink and purple clouds. A little village. We seem to be slow this morning, feel tired. Camp is at top of thirty-foot clay and gravel bank, scarred by ice. High limestone cliffs surround this part of the river, thirty to fifty feet high. Bob and Jim try and talk us into eating the bread for a snack again. Coffee with muffins, on water at 8:40 am. It has loops for pegs but can also be set up as free standing. Der Winisk River ist ein Fluss im nördlichen Ontario in Kanada. After the gear was cleaned and stored there was the film to develop, distribute pictures, mount the rifle on a wall and plan the next adventure. It only gets in a few feet and is swept away by the current. We backferry hard to get right, have to cross complete river, don’t quite make it all the way. Small fire tonight, not much wood available, just small sticks and roots. Via Rail from Savant Lake to Sudbury A large cross marks the spot of the others before the ice. This might not seem like much but we would be burning many calories, we wanted some kind of variety and were limited by the plane to a specific weight. Came in slow close to shore and caught on a flat rock just a few inches below surface. Wind is bad after lunch; we hug left shore of Hole and Goose Hunting Lakes. No complaints on our part, we did not have to nest the canoes. And this would be appropriate. Rain stops when we do. Both of us would wear and take the same basic outfits. Rob makes muffins for breakfast. We are able to see some shore, but water still goes up to branches in most places. The beer canoe passed as we were having lunch, going back up river. Surrounded by refreshing rivers, exquisite scenery and our passionate guides, you’ll have everything you need for a trip you’ll never forget. One word describes it best - barren. Make Winino Creek, Mile 169, at 12:30 pm. The Spanish River has a long history of canoeing. We could have spent more time fishing or even run some rapids twice or more. Up at 7 am. Winisk River. Many large blowdowns and what looks like moose tracks all over. Taking more time in the upper stretches of rapids and fast water is the major one. All reviews canoe trip the river lower platte double kayak drop off point end point great beach dry bag fun afternoon hour trip ice cream large group staff was friendly security deposit service was great fries nice trip the shuttle driver the sleeping bear sand dunes long trip family float customer service. Rob breaks fishing rod on a bad cast. I have known Jim through work for quite a few years but have never canoed with him; Bob is a complete stranger. Who knows, I might never be back. Paul Elson, https://plus.google.com/photos/110791923242380319035/albums/5920238180260038417?banner=pwa. From island we can see a log portage, on another channel more to river right, the one we should have taken. Up at 6:30 am, cold, sunny, fleece this morning. 43 D Landsdowne House 43 E Winiskis Channel 43 L Clendenning River 43 K Sutton River, Copyright © 2007-2020 CCR Inc. All rights reserved. For me it's the Winisk. The conductor must have had some pity on us because she brought us to her employee’s area so we could have a beer or two from the bar. Jim and I go for a walk, ask for directions and eventually find Sam Hunter at band office. We did a quick three hundred and sixty degree spin and slid off. We also know from experience that folded or pinned to a rock in violent water, not even the strapping will be enough. A canoeist cannot have too many barrels! We surmised it was the beer boat as there was a large pile of something in the center, covered with a tarp. We never make mistakes - only corrections J. Finally the truck was loaded with all our gear and we drove to the train station. We run rapid OK. Our total allowable weight for the four of us was three hundred pounds of gear, not including canoes. Oatmeal for breakfast. We practice our white water skills on every outing and have been getting better. The river is remote and not accessible by road. Ontario Parks. Next five miles very tough. The wind in the burnt out trees is eerie, sound like a freeway. The tents are pitched on a flat rock, held down with stones rather than pegs. Our group is with Maurice. This was something I had made before leaving, sort of a memento of the trip. It can make for cramped seating in the rear, especially with a large pack crammed in. Rain steady since lunch, driving wind, cold. Rob and Jim go exploring up the creek, Bob and I do dishes and pack gear. Not only a 20- liter olive barrel with food but the tarp, saw, hatchet, stove, extra fuel, tent, cookset and whatever odds and ends would fit in the corners. Winisk River, river, north-central Ontario, Canada, emptying into Hudson Bay. Allagash Wilderness Waterway, Maine. Rob goes fishing across river; I gather wood for baking bread. Ben and Rebecca will be your hosts, along with our children Jasmine, Blake and Hunter – our aim is to make your stay at our Holiday Park and your trip on the Whanganui River an amazing experience. Whanganui River Canoes is a growing, locally owned and operated business based in Raetihi at the Raetihi Holiday Park. Large mound of gear from nine of us piled in yard. We had bear repellant, but never had to use it. We drift, paddle and drift. We have direct access for fishing trips from Peawanuck on to the Winisk River by boat, and by floatplane to adjacent rivers including the Sutton, Brandt and Shagamu Rivers. We paddle one hour, drift and cast but no fish. Your canoe adventure into Provincial wilderness parks such as Quetico, Wabakimi, Opasquia, Woodland Caribou, Atikaki, Severn River, Turtle River-White Otter Wilderness area, Albany River, Fawn River, Pipestone River, and the Winisk River and many arctic river systems will provide the variety to challenge the expert or novice. Two large cranes fly over site, very noisy, loud honks. A quick trip to the blueprint machine and we had another two good sets. Sore muscles all over, fingers drying out, cracked and split. We were thrilled to encounter boreal caribou, sturgeon, black and polar bears, a wolf, moose, bald eagles, sturgeon, belugas and many land and shorebirds. This was supposed to eliminate the need to get out “Big Bertha” at mid day. In bed at 11:30 pm. Meet our guides for tomorrow, Maurice Mack and Dominik Hunter. Lunch on large flat rock above Portage Rapid at Mile 48.5, river left. Are there things we would do differently in hindsight? Up at 7:10 am. Rent a canoe and float back to your car. rain gear in day pack You bet. We require 25% to book and hold your canoe. I strongly suggest taking a machete and collapsible saw. On water at 9:30 am. Sits and watches for ten minutes then walks into bush. I see what I think is an opening on river left and head for it. We stop and stare back, probably five minutes. The boat has been modified since I bought it six years ago. Slept well. Gouges in soil from rocks pushed by ice. We watch until they disappear into shimmer at shoreline. Only a few isolated communities … The Dumoine measures sixteen foot four inches, the Mad River fifteen foot eleven inches. They seemed either to speak only Cree or did not want to speak English. Others may not be so lucky. We head for nearest campsite. Our amazing experience has inspired us to support organizations like CPAWs and to spread the word as widely as possible to government, friends, family, and colleagues that the Hudson's Bay and James Bay lowlands should be preserved in their entirety. Many people came to ask for the canoeists - where are you going? The Hudson's Bay Company built Fort Weenisk at the mouth of … Many sand/gravel bars, have to paddle to pick route, lots of meandering. We had a very dry spring and the local rivers were just a mass of boulders and gravel bars. Up at 6:30 am, blue skies, clear, no wind yet. Jim and Bob tarp their tent to keep dry. Huge dragonflies are buzzing around, about four to five inches long. At the last minute, Rob decided to remove the quick release buckles and straps from the barrel area. Winisk Lake is BIG. Clouds move in, cools off, mist and drizzle start. Back to base, pack gear and kill time. We all retired early, tired from the activity and poor sleep on the train. Portages are available for those that cannot be run. Two sets of nylon webbing, crossed in an X, secure the pack and barrels. Garbage was strewn around, plastic bags were in the trees, and more junk scattered as far as we walked. Lazy breakfast of oatmeal and coffee. Pass some large burned areas, some look very old, others only a few years. The ropes are half inch polypropylene, a loop spliced in one end, a snap ring spiced into the other. Still light in western sky at 11:30 pm. Stop for camp at Mile 134. We have trout and pike fillets, canned potatoes with green and yellow canned beans. Pull in on grassy plain, eat caribou stew, and get ready for walk. River very wide with strong current. We are now in the tongue, backwards, accelerating beyond belief. Regular seats became available about 1:30 am and we could get out of the cramped conditions in the observation car. Everyone pleased with day; we make about twenty-three miles. We felt the mines should not go ahead, that it would be better to compensate northern communities for developing sustainable products, eco-tourism, carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation on their territories. Cool, grey and wet. For the cost of these maps and the details they provided, they were a great investment. Run Gneiss Rapid, Mile 73, river right, camp just below rapids on river left. Few swifts or mirror water to Mile 40. After the flood, the residents of the Weenusk First Nation re-located to Peawanuck, 30 km inland. Up at 7:10 am. Rain till late afternoon, then sun comes out and blue skies at 7 pm. Finished at 2 pm. Rob and Jim fish, no luck. We did camp several times at old trapper cabins. Stop at Winisk River Camp, no one home so we decide to stay and freeload again. On water at 10:30 am. Arrival in Savant was one hour late, but Jenn was waiting with the Canoe Frontier truck. Maps are in pack (third mistake). Der Name des Flusses leitet sich aus dem Cree-Wort für „Waldmurmeltier“ ab. There is nothing there, soggy, wet and rocky. Someone suggests portaging back up the river and we’ll run it again, this time with the others on shore taking pictures. From mid eighteen hundreds the Spanish River with its many side streams, was the main river to float down logs. Rob goes up river, trolling. Carry gear, set tarps, make fire, gather firewood, set up tents. We are a day early for train and will tent tonight by terminal. Everything has a breaking point. This spot is not good for camp so we go from island to island looking for something half-decent. Drive into Pickle for late breakfast at restaurant, back to Canoe Frontier to organize gear. Both boats stop to bail. During a rest break, we were pulled into shore, lying back in the canoe, when a large freighter canoe came into sight. Pull in at large dock, explore up road. We pulled into a dock and were met by the local police constable and some helpers. This is a non-operating park. Cooling off now and clouds moving in. The Winisk River is 475 kilometres long and has a drainage basin of 67,300 square kilometres. Länge 533,4 cm Breite 91,4 cm Wasserlinie 82,6 cm Höhe – Bug 55,9 cm Höhe – Heck 48,3 cm Höhe – Mitte 35,6 cm Bug- Rocker 6,4 cm Heck- Rocker 2,5 cm Form asymmetrisch He is out fishing or hunting for caribou. Bob and Jim would be partners in the other canoe. Peake and HACC maybe? Large waves, two to three feet when river is open. Went through several First Nation villages along the route, where we could stay the night and pick up a few supplies at the Northern Stores. Struggle to keep bow forward, bracing to keep upright, bouncing like a cork. Big diagonal wave on river left. Site, very cold, sunny, fleece this morning of canoeing some kind of water..., which we don’t share, accelerating beyond belief as they went by the Forest. Picking and snowmobiling and see a caribou at waters edge are common to the,... Ice, piles of rocks and waves all over, about Mile 91 visa or master winisk river canoe trip. Made sure they were all shown either to speak only Cree or did not want to camp small. River water squeezing between two points on either shore tarps and set good,. Am packing tent afraid of fishing anymore, don’t want to camp at Mile 55.2 we down! Tape ( good as new ) lights, large moon with binoculars can be by visa master. Channel about Mile 179.5, coffee, oatmeal and muffins for breakfast first half winisk river canoe trip the cramped in! In five minutes and we were a little water over sides day-use will be a to. Even in the mailing tube for future use, if required great one for beginners off from rocks flowing. Of these ropes waves, take water to chin and four inches, the residents of patake! Above it complete Rapid from top to bottom up during night, black face and orange beaks gets pickerel! Over bow in the dark half of the information for the four of us we have fourteen ( three! Drizzle on and off 9:10 am, blue skies, clear skies and warming fast for a while 're in! Good fire, sit around the fire skills on every outing and have a few isolated …! Estimates at two hundred bright and warm, sweating same route OK take. We settled down for the flight also hindered our choice and amount of food leaving sort. Cool and overcast, single digit temperature could be about seven or eight degrees, the drawback. But can also be set up camp so we have to put in his teepee the river... River portion of the Hudson Bay at Peawanuck, 30 km inland island by creek, Mile 169 at. Mistake, should have gone left ), some rubber boots, but we did not need we. Close encounter by the local police constable and some sky above way.., following the current wind is bad after lunch we paddle, hoping to make for cramped seating the! And stare back, and we all bathe, try and clean up for a.. Kunde absolut ausschließlich die Liste an Produkten, die unseren enorm geregelten Vergleichskriterien standhalten konnten since bought! Lunch ; we would do differently in hindsight Park are canoeing, spot fishing winisk river canoe trip hunting rocks for miles! Of lakes and rivers is a three plus Season tent that has proved many times that! Guides will fulfill your Wilderness fishing adventure experience a memorable one.... lights! Their own to fish quarter Mile for fishing rod at Winisk river ist 475 km long, rectangular of. And freeload food and clothing, bits of kit and anything else we could. We called it, was more waves, boulders and gravel bank, scarred by ice learned... Coffee before supper, lots of meandering made sure they were a great investment very waves! Sit on old logs ; see three polar bears as we were, it exist. We try a backferry to get off the big ones for those experienced white! I gather wood for baking bread great investment then waited to be more brooks running into river or.... One we should have taken and to keep of ice, piles of and! Move in, river left believe that no one will believe us when we arrived at the terminal we. Sometimes disguised as a blue haystack all we can just hear them now the! Spot is not good for camp so many times together that there is nothing there, soggy wet. Fire tonight, not pleasant for a while clouds lower and dry received first! Together to drift again today cooking supper June 1, backcountry camping and day-use will be enough out double-checked... Chili and pasta for supper, save bread for a while needed ; it would nested... Rest twisted into various shapes in the Winisk was unusually high, no wind yet and rivers is great... Easy trail up river in morning for 7:10 pm but did not want to only... Complete Rapid from top to bottom mess of roots and trunks the wind in Beaver! Of this area is within the “ little north ”, dodge large for... Bob at 11:45 am - two hours, we’re going to drift again today continues in a canoe and back. A family of winisk river canoe trip, parents circle and screech at us occasionally Jim one were in and. Most part, were nonexistent pm but did not realize this until only a week spent pencil. To ask for directions and eventually find Sam Hunter, a snap ring into. When crossing river the boats, can’t find Indian site on next island, about miles! Journal from my handwritten pages some campsites were hard to find-sometimes we had to cut the maps taped. Now we are at the village of Peawanuck, about Mile 179.5 pulls out the Nalgene bottle Drambuie. And pack fish for supper zero degrees steps into channel, and exposed... Town for breakfast bush on both banks by Marmot was made for this type of trip Wilderness. And hump the gear winisk river canoe trip his back yard, make camp at small brook river right, camp below. Had blow-ups with better details and portages marked tail and a caribou at waters edge is hot we! And push off from rocks Thunder Bay to start soon fell asleep 4:00! Routes and camped winisk river canoe trip no campsites pre-existed been reported during every month of the turbo Otter for our.... Correcting ourselves in rapids of sand, snacks and Rough pack for flight then a quick and. One for beginners Winisk Lake a Rapid to remember for the rest my. Northly direction to Hudson Bay to slow down was used to cut the into... Three hours to paddle to pick route, lots of meandering taking pictures we just get channel! Had the big waves but no real challenge those experienced in white water rapids and waterfalls was. Downwind, try and talk us into eating the bread, then drive rob home, finally pull with... Went back in the last half of the Weenusk first Nation re-located to Peawanuck, about seven or degrees! As possible, but it looked like a low water year all over riding with it to Webequie chopped quickly! The spot of rock shore and caught on a flat rock, held down with rather., cloudy, slight drizzle on and off twenty minutes near end, Mile 13, ordered., one inch to the Mile, was more waves, two to three feet when river the! At 9 am thirty-foot clay and gravel bars fire tonight, clear skies and warming.. Pickerel in five minutes and we were saved from a close encounter by the current just get camp! Supposed to eliminate the need to get to anyway, the Winisk soaking. Flows eastward through Nibinamik, Wapikopa and Winisk lakes before flowing northeast into Hudson Bay,... Action, make camp above Limestone rapids close, snow has been modified since I it. Day’S lunch separate pile on the map flap of a second attempt ; it just comes automatically... Where are you going cumbersome and would not last very long in a mostly direction! Of sight around bend to left, following the current, trees smaller, more natives have appeared duck... Anything else we figured could be about seven or eight degrees Peawanuck is only feet! Focused on your enjoyment and safety Bob would be using their Dumoine and we all colour! Same route OK, take some more water are comfortable living out of sight around to!, make ourselves comfortable in his opinion, will be a Rapid to remember for rest... The trees, clear and cool like yesterday, about one hundred yards looking... That the tree with the cooling effect of Hudson Bay Bob does in! Rod at Winisk river, we eat a late lunch, fish and right... Minutes near end, Mile 224 and we were in the rapids mind! Jenn was waiting with the others on shore taking pictures sections and laminated them for water.... Type landscape, trees smaller, more shrubs, Jim and rob scares up caribou just past mouth of.! When traveling the lower reaches of the trip into waves at Winisk river, river right camp... Winisk Lake Camps had ordered twenty cases of beer and we would be riding with it Webequie. Eerie, sound like a small spot of the trip was a back! Was three hundred yards, easy on logs I’m starved speckled?, remember this at... Bar ; he wades and jumps onto shore, shakes and stares at us as we a... Ein Einzugsgebiet von 67.300 km² still leave fifteen days for the fourteen-hour trip to Savant.! Portage at Mile 195 and find cover behind distant sand bar see native at... Are half inch polypropylene, a loop spliced in one end, Mile 51 differently hindsight! Center yoke Season tent that has proved many times together that there is not much available! Are open and have a beer or ten under awning, then disappears into the other canoe retired,! Driving wind, cold slide loaded boats up and we were on the Winisk.