It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. All the info you need to start installing. In addition to those shops, Trex Composite Decking is available at a variety of dealers and smaller hardware across the United States. That was over 5 months ago and I have heard nothing back from TREX. Trex offers three composite decking products: Select, Enhance and Transcend. ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency. I explained that I hired the person based on Trex’ rating but that didn’t matter. Go with wood and pay someone to refinish it every couple of years. I did my deck in Trex composite decking, just about 625 sf. Buyer beware. Trex has been at the forefront of this movement as they were the first company to patent and produce this style of decking. I had to replace a 20 year old wood deck that was rotting and decided to go with the Trex Transcend product over wood in spite of the cost. Trex Transcends Oct 03, 2019 @ Pissed Consumer Q: Can paint or stain be used with Trex decking? If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, the Trex Select may be the best option for your home. Based on initial product cost and install cost, I believe the Trex system is overrated. The good news is that mold and mildew wash right off of composite decking. Look up consumer affairs and read all the horrible reviews about trex. Cons: Trex doesn’t have nearly as many series or products as some brands, so the selection is somewhat limited. Trex Transcend Decking. There are color-matched screws available, but when installed, are far more noticeable than screws capped with color matched plugs. I visited a few local lumberyards, each with either a display of Trex Transcend, Timbertech Legacy, and/or Horizon Ipe. If you’ve chosen low maintenance, weather and scratch-resistant composite for your decking project, you really can’t go wrong with either brand but it is definitely worth a closer examination of the specific products offered. Trex offers three composite decking collections: Trex Select, Enhance, and Transcend. And here's the rub. (Not to mention simple soap-and-water cleanup.) The Trex Enhance Basic price is definitely in the budget-friendly range, but you will get the same 25-year warranty along with all the benefits that come with composite decking. The warp is a manufacturing issue, not due to shipping or storage, and the warped end sections are roughly 6" to 14". Quality control: Most of the deck boards and some of the very expensive 12" trim boards I've dealt with have warped ends on the flat. I trusted Trex and made a huge investment in their product based on all their marketing claims. There are a lot of negatives reviews from the company’s earlier product lines but all that changed after 2008 when Ron Kaplan was made CEO. A deck is an investment that adds value to your home, whether you choose natural wood or composite materials. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. Partial functions, or short life to some. 1999: Deck #1. Pros: We found that Trex’s products are a little easier to obtain and price for average consumers and those who may want to go the DIY route. Trex Transcend is backed by the company’s 25-year limited residential warranty. Compliance without compromise. Available in 8" or 12" x 12' and a multitude of colors. I purchased Havana Gold for the field and Spiced Rum for trim and accents. It’s a bit more expensive than the company’s other styles, but has excellent scratch resistance and … The deck is already fading as well and has developed these white speckles. Therefore, Trex was not willing to reimburse us for any out of pocket expenses to repair the deck. Spent $18,000 on two new decks. As a builder and contractor who has much experience with Trex installation, I cannot recommend their products. Does not save time and costs more than wood. Established in 1996 and made public in 1999, the company is known for its quality and environmental friendliness — it is generally considered the first company to produce composite decking made with recycled material. See how using a 95% recycled board (that’s almost the whole thing) makes you feel about the great outdoors. We’ll start sending you the news you need delivered straight to you. We also like the shades offered by the company across their lineup and feel like the pricing is fair on their mid-range to low-end composite decking. It’s a bit more expensive than the company’s other styles, but has excellent scratch resistance and is the only series with porch boards as well. Transcend decking’s deep wood-grain pattern and luxury colors create a premium, ageless look that leave other composites in the dust. One of the biggest differences between Trex Select and Transcend is the color range. Trex curled on ends of each boards. Trex decking is sold in over 40 countries globally, and they are one of the better brands from an eco-friendly standpoint. It is also available in three profiles and 10 different colors, so there is truly a look and style for everyone. I don’t recall seeing that in any of the decks shown in the Trex catalog. One of the reasons we’re partial to Trex for new consumers is the fact they make things easy and don’t overwhelm you with options. Trex Transcend decking is the Trex’s high end line of composite decking. When I pushed them for more support they said that they only cover material issues and I had a problem with the build of the deck. I returned them and they resent another 8 boards and they were also a totally different color. A link has directed you to this review. All that is on top of the deck having to be leveled because the columns sunk. Select is good, Enhance is better, and Transcend is best. The same goes for Lowes and Home Depot although both have decking listed online. Trex Decking: » When installing any Trex decking product, especially Trex Transcend Tropicals, it is a good idea to mix and match all of the boards on the job site prior to installation to ensure an appealing mix of light and dark tones. Trex has a variety of deck colors. I wish we had not picked this product. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. Trex Transcend Reviews No painting. No sanding. Trex Enhance Basics is a simple alternative if you want composite decking, but it only comes in three hues with Beach Dune, Clam Shell, and Saddle. Q: How long will it take Trex to weather naturally once my deck has been installed? I had no choice so I took them and rearranged the boards I had already installed to have these appear as another accent. About 80% of our new decks and deck resurfacing projects use Trex Transcend with spiced rum being the most popular colour option with Ottawa residents. Using a pressure washer on any of their other deck lines could void your warranty. Fade, Stain, Scratch and Mold Resistant I have a large dog and haven’t experienced the scratches others claim, I power wash once a year with Corte Clean and it looks like new. It comes in five colors: Madeira, Pebble Grey, Saddle, Winchester Grey, and Woodland Brown. A Green Deck. In our opinion it looks fantastic, is very difficult to scratch, easy to clean and is actually very reasonably priced when compared to some of the other high end composites on the market. Unsubscribe easily. Select features a high-performance shell that stands up to weather and spills, resisting stains and mold. Otherwise, you can pick up large 12” samples directly from Trex for $5 plus shipping and handling. Trex®, the nation's largest manufacturer of wood-alternative decking, railing and fencing and trim products, is building even stronger brand awareness and product demand within the trade channel - as evidenced by the receipt of several recent recognitions from respected publications aimed at builders, contractors and other industry professionals. Q: Where can I obtain samples of Trex decking? A 20 foot 2 x 6-inch plank is close to double at $100 and covers 9 square feet. Within the first week, my two German Shepherds had left dirty paw prints. Lost another loyal customer. But Timber Tech instead. Color-matched plugs are not available for some, if not all Trex boards that are ribbed on their underside. Companies pay us to be accredited or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site. Learn more about Trex here Learn what makes Trex® unlike any other decking material. The last product in Trex’s current crop of products is called Trex Enhance. We value your privacy. Carol.. wolf is a very good product. I chose a Pro Platinum rated builder because I didn’t want to take any chances on this $30k plus project. Trex, when used with a hidden fastener system, is very unforgiving when trying to install over uneven joist work. Trex’s premium decking line is called Trex Transcend. Trex Transcend - Classic Earth Tones Decking Colors. The 25-year warranty is certainly solid, and on par with brands like Zuri, but it’s not as long as Timbertech’s guarantee or other top brands. As for the colors, there are five shades to choose from if you want to keep things simple and earthy with Firepit, Gravel Patch, Rope Swing, Tree House, and Vintage Lantern. A: It depends on the collection. I am so upset right now! Seems Trex could offer plugs for that reason, but they apparently haven't thought that one through very well. And while cost is often the primary consideration when planning a deck project, it’s equally important to understand the value of what you’re getting.You’ve probably already noted the difference in cost between composite decking and natural wood; composite materials are more expensive per linear foot. A: Yes, and unlike other manufacturers, you will not have to worry about voiding your warranty as long as you use the Trex CustomCurve system. VEKADECK is the best deck board in the entire vinyl decking industry. The world’s #1 decking brand, engineered with unrivaled fade, stain, scratch and mold resistance. Stick with the reliable pressured retreated lumber is my advice to anyone. I will. FAQ. Trex ® composite decking at its very best Unparalleled Beauty. If you read the warranties, both companies exclude this kind of damage. By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. Enhance offers higher-definition grain patter. Would probably take as much time to maintain wood but once resealed, etc, it looks new. Naturals line is about $10 more, but still considerably less than the company’s top option. You will be able to scrub these boards with a simple solution of soap and water, and you will never need to stain or sand them again. There are no porch boards, and these planks aren’t quite as scratch-resistant as the premium line. Trex is the largest manufacturer of composite decking in the U.S. Q: What is the fire rating for Trex decking? We have little feet running around, and what I really don't want is a slippery deck. The builder said all he can do about the ski tipping is to put screws in the end of the boards and try to pull them down. Copyright © 2020 Consumers Unified LLC. The company’s boards are engineered with a protective finish, so painting your deck could potentially void your warranty. Hidden fasteners don't need plugs since there shouldn't be any screw holes. Do yourself a favor and avoid this company. Trex Enhance is actually broken down into two collections with Natural and Basics, which feature a handful of colors each. Trex also takes the tiered approach with their composite decking, so you have Trex Transcend, Trex Select, and Trex Enhance. In general, Trex and TimberTech composite decking materials are more expensive than pressure treated wood.However, they require less maintenance than standard wood decking, making them cost less overtime. We invested a lot of money in this project only to be extremely disappointed. Tropical shades from the Transcend lineup include Havana Gold, Tiki Torch, Lava Rock, Island Mist, Spiced-Rum. Trex Decking Problems – Disadvantages of Composite Decking, Trex Composite Decking Pros, Cons and Ratings, Looking for Qualified Installer For Trex Decking?, Hardwood Flooring: Pros and Cons, Cost, Best Brands and Where to Buy, Decorative Ceiling Tiles Reviews and Costs, Armstrong Ceiling Tiles Reviews and Cost 2020, Metal Ceiling Tiles Reviews and Cost 2020, Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles Reviews and Cost 2020, Acoustical Ceiling Tiles Reviews and Cost 2020, PVC, Vinyl, and Plastic Ceiling Tiles Review and Cost 2020. This was 1999 and a brand new product was just making its way into the decking and railing industry. They are scalloped on the underside and are useless to use as trim for the planter. Fascia and Riser boards are normally applied to outer rim joists or stair stringers. Trex Transcend vs Trex Enhance vs Trex Select. A: Yes, but only one collection. You blew it Trex. I’m actually surprised you got quotes with trex being more expensive. With Enhance, it has a Class C rating while Transcend and Select are listed with a Class B rating. Discover all the perks to having a low-maintenance, high-performance deck from Trex. While Trex was the first company to produce composite decking, they are also one of the larger decking companies in the world. For example, Trex Transcend decking comes in Premium Tropicals (Havana Gold, Island Mist, Lava Rock, Spiced Rum, and Tiki Torch) and Earth Tones (Fire Pit, Gravel Path, Rope Swing, Tree House, and Vintage Lantern). Composite decking has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 90s, and TimberTech and Trex have led the way through growth and innovation. Warping and bowing. Unable to use gutters on roof due to height and pine needles, so rain falls down 20' to deck surface and in about 2 years takes out 2 sections of boards. Trex Select boards are thinner than I was short about 8 - 24 ft Havana Gold boards so I ordered those. Of course, proper framing should apply to all deck building, and is most important when using composite decking such as Trex. I confirmed in a web chat with Trex themselves... this was the response on the differences between the lines.. "Our products are classified as good, better, and best. With Trex, you’ll need to take a look at Home Depot, Lowes or 84 Lumber if you’re interested in their decking and would like to check it in person. Don’t be fooled like I was. We … Soft pressure washing does nothing either, it’s like the dirt is baked in. No kidding. My friend use Timber Tech decking and his still looks great 10 years later. Composite decking has grown increasingly popular over the past decade as homeowners turn away from wood and towards composite planks. Both AZEK and Trex decking are susceptible to mold. The Enhance Naturals line gives you more flavor with Sunset Cove, Toasted Sand, Rocky Harbor, Foggy Wharf, and Coastal Bluff. It’s hard to have a conversation about decking without it. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. You use a power washing system on Trex Transcend, and the company suggests keeping the power below 1500 PSI to avoid damage. I replaced my cedar decking five years ago with Trex Transcends Havana Gold decking. All Rights Reserved. The company’s product line is broken down into three series and a Best, Better, and Good system. These boards are built to keep maintenance at a minimum so mold, stains, and scratches will never be an issue. They started off being helpful and wrote a technical letter to the contractor informing him the deck does not meet their installation expectations. I called Trex back, asked them for the name of the area rep but they refused to give me his contact information. You’ll save money in the long run and have a better looking deck. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. We were considering two other projects using this product. Then we developed an online free estimate tool to help you get at least 3 local bids in 24 hours. ChoiceDek vs. Trex, UltraDeck vs. Trex, TimberTech vs. Trex, etc. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Trex Composite Decking? While the colors are somewhat different, there are only five to choose from this time around with Madeira, Pebble Grey, Saddle, Winchester Grey and Woodland Brown. Hassle Free. That means their products may be a little easier to find in your local hardware store or specialty shops. When you’re dealing with things like hardwood and tile, you can generally buy online or pick up what you need locally at a big box retailer. Deck still looks great. For more information about reviews on please visit our Over time dirt settled in, mold spots appeared, and the look became worse and worse. Unfortunately, mold and mildew are a reality for any product that is outside, whether you’re using composite decking or wood. No more staining. I have used the various hidden and exposed fastening systems made for Trex installation. A: No, and it is not advised. NOT SO with Trex; once faded it keeps looking worse over time. A: Trex introduced their next generation of decking in 2010, which had better stain and fade resistance. This was a self installed project. Enhance and Select decking offer other exotic and warm tones such as Madeira and Woodland Brown. Get buying tips about Miscellaneous delivered to your inbox. Unsubscribe easily. Their previous product line was phased out in 2014 and is no longer in production today. The Trex and TimberTech were close, but the Fiberon Horizons was, to me, very slippery.