Half Day Shark Trip: $1,100 This is our shortest trip 5-6 hrs. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-8270553620784211"; Mako shark fishing, gear types and mako shark fishing methods, mako shark fishing charters. Bluefish in the 2 to 5 pound range are ideal. The Mako Shark is a beautiful in color: dark purplish-blue on the top and silvery-white on the bottom. Articles   See also our page about the mako shark. Every part of these apex predators is finely tuned for perfect hunting. As with most Shark fishing, the first step is to start chumming in an area that is known for having Mako Sharks. The smaller bait fish will draw in small fish in the 3 to 5 pound range. A running jumping mako is probably the best game fish in the world. If live blue fish aren't available try a whole squid or a filet of Mackerel about 12 inches long and 2 to 3 inches wide. Shark Sider Homepage Shark fishing for Mako is primarily for sport, but,their steaks taste great, too. //-->, , Learn amazing fishing tips about how to catch Mako Shark, different fishing methods, what tackle and bait to use to catch Mako Shark and more! Plan on spending a night offshore. Here's how to catch the massive makos that swim along the Atlantic coast. Aug 31, 2013 - Explore Kevin Gorman's board "Mako shark" on Pinterest. When he’s not attempting to set records, Bo is usually longline fishing for black cod and thorny heads as the primary targets of his commercial fishing efforts. Click here to see all of our Shark Shows (with loads of shark fishing tips and locations) Click here for our recommended Shark Tackle CLICK HERE FOR FREE SHARK FISHING VIDEO CLIPS! The mako shark is one of saltwater fly fishing’s outstanding but unappreciated game fish. These qualities have made this species a sought after species by sport fishermen. You'll often hook up on dozens of sharks during a day of fishing. How To. Fly hooked Mako Shark estimated at 10 ft+ in length and 800+ pounds. Report. Mako Shark Fishing Trips and Fishing Guides. Back Close. Mako shark video. Saltwater Fishing. Mako Shark Fishing Tips and Tricks Read More. Sharks need to be caught using heavy-duty deep sea poles and line with a high tensile strength. Get the right sea-fishing gear. Spanish. USD. Ive been fishing since I was in the 4th grade, but shark is a whole different class of fishing. test line with the drag at 12-15 lb. Everything you see in this video, abides by NOAA. During the mako shark fishing tournament, anglers brought 21 mako sharks to the scales, as well as 4 thresher sharks. The Mako has been found at times in inshore waters. Recently though, he started thinking about big mako … The Mako Shark, the signature shark for sport fishing, can weigh between 100-1000 lbs and reach upwards of 12-14 feet long. Standard 15kg and 24kg shark fishing gear should do the job nicely. In the Pacific Ocean, however, you'll see a lot more blue sharks and the extremely volatile mako sharks. I'd run 500 yards of 80 lb main line, with a shock leader section of 300 lb mono which is then attached to a six foot length of #15 wire crimped and connected with a heavy duty barrel swivel. Not only are they super aggressive predators but they are one of the fastest shark species and have a reputation for jumping wildly once hooked especially when in sight of the boat. This trip fishes the coastal waters for mako, blue and thresher sharks depending on the season. The Mako has a spindle-shaped body with a long, acutely conical snout and large blade-like teeth that lack serrations and are always visible. This huge mako shark jumps onto this family's boat in the united states and they rescue it and set it free! Want to pit yourself against a mako shark? Fishing fleets are the biggest threat to all sharks, but especially large ones as they account for over half of all identified shark catch globally in target fisheries or as bycatch. Fishing Tips; Tips And Tricks: Mako Shark Fishing With Conway Bowman Mako shark fishing is a mixture of high excitement combined with a healthy fear of this awesome and unpredictable predator. Techniques. There are two species of Mako: the shortfin and the longfin (longer pectoral fins).  Game Fish   Page Created By: Mike Rogers. Mako Sharks feed on billfish, squid, tunas, other sharks, and pelagic fish. Tuna and Mackerel are a good choice for grinding into a chum porridge. English. Exceptionally large Makos, have teeth more wedge shaped, and less dagger like. Shark-Ready Rods & Reels. Shark Fishing in South Florida Aboard the Hooked Up. Monster shark tournament charters available as well. You cant muscle a Mako back to the boat. Federal fishing permit required in federal waters. ​Fish of this size require a shark fishing rod with a lot backbone, a strong butt and top class guides. Rods & Full length video of GoPro footage on top of angler Alex Beck's head. Fishing Tips; Tips And Tricks: Mako Shark Fishing With Conway Bowman Fresh bait is almost always preferred over frozen or store bought so if you can either buy off the dock the day before and keep refrigerated or catch your own using lighter gear. google_ad_slot = "6656867460"; The shortfin mako shark, (Isurus oxyrinchus) has a conical snout, and long gill slits. The porbeagle shark has the ability to maintain its body temperature above the surrounding water temperature. Mako shark gear will need to be at least a 50 lb class rod and reel and of course heavy wire leaders and circle hooks. Thanks again During the mako shark fishing tournament, anglers brought 21 mako sharks to the scales, as well as 4 thresher sharks. Catching these trophy pelagic's is no easy feat and many days can out on the water can result in no fish but, with the right approach and knowledge you can increase your chances significantly. If you are using 50 lb. by kensdock • June 24, 2009 • 0 Comments. On Monday, a group of anglers from Texas, Colorado, and California hooked a colossal fish off Southern California.