The housings shall be of welded mild steel with a grey, zinc phosphate finish. Krueger's Product Catalog provides all the information you need to specify Krueger Products, including drawings, performance data, and specifications. Axial Fans Flakt Woods Pdf Catalogs Doentation Brochures English Hungaro Ventilátor Kft Axial Fans Fläktgroup Axial Fans Txbr Ecowatt S P READ Revere 4th Of July Fireworks 2017. The curves shown on pages C-12 to C-24 show a range of performances for the AP sseries of direct-driven axial flow fans in Type D Installation (see below). Contact us for free consultation or free trials. The products included in this catalogue are available off the shelf from local dealers/ godowns located throughout the country. This is STP condition. View. The fans are suitable for supply or extract applications in commercial, process and industrial HVAC systems. Green Ventilation Car Park Systems. Multiply the room volume by 15: 18.8m3 x 15 = 282m3/hr. Fan size (in.) 8 Pages. What is the best fan for a bathroom that is 2.8m long by 2.8m wide with a ceiling height of 2.4m? We offer a range of sturdy dehumidifiers with various capacities – from small rooms to large factories. • 11-15 air changes per hour are recommended for a bathroom. Electric Fans. Fan Deck: The fan assembly is easily removed without disconnecting the ductwork for service access to motors and blowers at or away from the unit. Ventilating Fans. On this page we have made our catalogues and informational materials available to you for download as PDFs. The QFC fan terminal units offer excellent performance characteristics and affordability in a compact unit with optimum physical dimensions. • Calculate the volume of the bathroom: 2.8 x 2.8 x 2.4 = 18.8m3. Centrifugal fans selected for 15,000 cfm and 4 in. The company is always improving and developing its products, therefore the company reserves the right of making changes to the illustrated products. Ceiling Fans; General Fans; Ventilating Fans; Industrial Wall Fan; Air Curtains; KDK Fans Malaysia. Portier – the designers choic. Add to MyArchiExpo favorites {{requestButtons}} Catalog excerpts. Slide rails support the fan during removal and installation, and the electrical harness is equipped with a quick connect plug. Industrial Dehumidifers. The Centrifugal Fans shall be of the SWSI or DWDI type as supplied by Fantech Pty Ltd. Krueer 141 N Plano R Ricarson, TX 51 26136 rueerinorueer-acco rueer-acco. LG, LGW – a comfort device. Rotating heat exchanger units with EC-motors. Sizes of the series are in accordance with AMCA standard 99-0098-76 R20. CONVENIENT INSTALLATION All fan coil units in this series are shipped completely assembled, reducing field installation time and labor. Ceiling Fans. +39 02 2139247 / 149 / 587 Fax +39 02 2139732 e-mail: It can exert both pressure, via the motor, and suction on the flow medium. All Dimension in mm. Selection of software according to 'Kruger fans and blowers catalogue' topic. AXC-Box . CATALOG #37 CENTRAL FAN CO., INC. 3890 MYSTIC VALLEY PKWY. Tomang Raya No. Fans of various size selected for same operating point. Monthly - remove cover from unit, open fan access panel, remove belt ties and rotate fan and motor slowly by hand to redistribute the bearing grease . The QFC recirculation fan draws cold air from the primary air duct and warm air from the return plenum in varying amounts to satisfy zone temperature requirements. 20 Pages. Axial Fans Catalogue (50Hz) JM Aerofoil Performance and Electrical Data Performance Chart - 400-450 mm, 2 Pole 380-420v/50Hz/3f JM Aerofoil 400- 450 mm 2 Pole 1000 900 800 Volume Flow Performance Table - 400-450 mm, 2 Pole 380-420v/50Hz/3f Ref Product Code Product, Electrical and ErP Table - 400-450 mm, 2 Pole 380-420v/50Hz/3f Ref Product Code Product Number Speed rev/min Full Load Current … KBM Installation, Operation, & Maintenance Manual INSTALLATION. 244/5 ม.7 ต.พิมลราช อ.บางบัวทอง จ.นนทบุรี 11110 Tel: 02-053-3332 Fax: 02-053-3332 Click on the download button or download icon to download the Fantech Catalogue pdf. Other Fans. Industrial Product. For bare inlets, that loss is equal to the fan velocity pressure. ... Catalogue / Duct Flow / FindSilencer program; Download Training Manual for Sound Attenuation; AMS Fan Engineering Manual ; Product PDF downloads; Info. • Centrifugal fans • FA/R-FC-FE-FG/P • FC-FE-FG-FI-FP/N • VCM-ART • FQ • MEC • FR Range • DFM • DFR-CFR • FS • K-KA-KB-KC-KM • FQP-FQL • PFB-PFN • Axial fans • Accessories • Atex • Special applications • Documents • Certifications • SOFTWARE • Download area • ERP Compliance The AGM 12 on the other hand, is designed for reversible operation. All fans are approved for dual purpose ventilation, i.e. The axial fan built into AGM 02 transports the air by exerting pressure from the motor as standard. Hg. Krueger’s new line of Fan Coil products are a Let our selection software help simplify and streamline 972.680.9136 - kruegerinfo@krueger-hvac.making a fan or blower selection. Warm air and cold air blend in the unit fan before entering the discharge plenum. Fans with EC-motors. 16 Pages. TABLE 1. Couble Inlet Centrifugal Fans - Backward wheels: The BDB series is DIDW centrifugal fans with high efficiency non-overloading backward curved impellers. KDK M&E Catalogue 2020-2021; KDK Product Leaflet 2020-2021; Healthy Home Living; V Touch series & X2 Ceiling Fan; DC (Direct Current) Series; Air Curtains; KDK Fans Products. • The fan to choose for this bathroom would be a fan Catalogue. SINGLE INLET CENTRIFUGAL FAN with Forward Wheels Kruger Ventilation Industries certifies that the FSA series : version S, C, T and U - model 200 to 1000 shown herein is licensed to bear the AMCA Seal. ผู้จัดจำหน่ายพัดลมครูเกอร์ (KRUGER) พัดลมระบายอากาศ และพัดลมอุตสาหกรรมทุกชนิด. MEDFORD, MA 02155 PHONE: (781) 393-4456 1-800-937-4326 2 FAX: (781) 396-4581 GENERAL INFORMATION ASSUME: Air @ sea level (.075 lb/ft3), 70°F, 50% RH, 29.92 in. Outlet velocity (fpm) Fan rpm Operating power (hp) Static efficiency (percent) 24 4,348 2,031 20.08 47.0 27 3,580 1,623 16.89 55.9 30 2,901 1,287 14.76 64.0. 16 Pages. Regal Beloit Italy S.p.A. – Viale Luigi Majno, 26 – 20129 Milano – Capitale Sociale: € 1.000.000.,00 I.V. If you need printed versions of these documents, please contact one of our regional subsidiaries and partners or send us an email using the contact form. INLET BELL Catalog ratings shown in this bulletin are for Vaneaxial Fans with free inlet and ducted outlet. wg. ผู้จัดจำหน่ายพัดลมครูเกอร์ (KRUGER) พัดลมระบายอากาศ และพัดลมอุตสาหกรรมทุกชนิด. 6emsyst air All Systemair axial fans at a glance Systemair offers a wide range of axial fans in various designs. พัดลมครูเกอร์ (KRUGER) BSB Series (Centrifugal single inlet fans) BSB Series (Belt drive / Direct drive) Size from 200 to 2,000; Capacity up to 360,000 CMH; Total pressure up to 5,000 Pa; Suitable for ventilation and smokespill application; ขนาดตั้งแต่ 200 มม. The plant is certified by BVQI for ISO9001 quality management system. 4 Pages. 12 Pages . Domestic; Motors; Installations; Roof Units; Technical. SN series (60 C/S supply) fan is certified by CSA for NRTL/C marking suitable for North American and Canadian markets. Fan Deck : For ease of service, the fan/motor assembly is easily removed by unscrewing two locknuts located at the front of the assembly. View. 20 Pages. 12 Pages. Impellers shall be fully welded. 403 Pages. Drain Pan: The sloped insulated drain pan is available in stainless steel construction. KDRE/KDRD. Title: wolter catalogue 1 Created Date: 7/21/2011 2:50:09 PM For most applications in the ventilating or air conditioning sector as well as in a lot of industrial and commercial appli- cations a Systemair fan can be selected. MOTOR RPM CHANGES & HP REQUIRED 1750 to 3500 RPM = 8 x HP 1140 to 1750 RPM = 3.6 x HP 850 to 1140 … Axial Fans Flakt Woods Pdf Catalogs Doentation Brochures Axial Fan Fans Howden English Hungaro Ventilátor Kft Page 2 Hison Axial Flow Fan READ Kinders Brown Sugar Bbq Rub Recipe. Products. This section of the catalogue details the performances of a wide range of axial flow fan types as follows:-The above fans range in diameter from 315mm to 2000mm. Certified dimension can be provided upon request. All units are thoroughly inspected and tested prior to shipment, eliminating potential problems at startup. Exhaust fans Ermete Giudici S.p.a. via Leonardo da Vinci 27 20090 - Segrate - Milano Tel. can just visit our online catalogue on When no inlet duct is used, entrance loss must be added to the static pressure calculated for the system. Smoke extract fans up to 70 m3/s Systemair offers different types of smoke and heat extract fans: Centrifugal roof and box fans, centrifugal wall/duct fans and axial fans. Exhaust fans catalogue 8 Pages. Archived catalogs. Krueger fan coils represent a prudent investment which can, with proper installation, operation, and regular maintenance, give trouble-free operation and long service. Fan Catalogue. Direct Drive Vane Axial Fan ... * Motor frame size beyond this range, please consult KRUGER for details --- Weight without motor and impeller. 6 HPAC EnginEEring AuGuSt 2010 FAN SELECtION AND ENERGY SAVINGS. Fantech Catalogue page has the latest Catalogue to download. Frame . Regal Beloit Italy S.p.A. – Viale Luigi Majno, 26 – 20129 Milano – Capitale Sociale: € 1.000.000.,00 I.V. Contact KDK Indonesia (62-21) 563 8311 (62-21) 567 4827 Cosa Building 4th Floor Jl. Open the catalog to page 1 . 244/5 ม.7 ต.พิมลราช อ.บางบัวทอง จ.นนทบุรี 11110 Tel: 02-053-3332 Fax: 02-053-3332 AMS is a leading manufacturer and supplier in South Africa of Fans and Acoustic products for Heating, Ventilation and Airconditioning. TFSK/TFSR roof fans. VX,VR – Heat recovery units. Impellers shall suit single-width or double-width arrangements as required and be backward-inclined laminar or aerofoil-section. Product Catalog. Product Guide (Brochure) Included in this brochure are images and descriptions for Krueger's entire product offering, from grilles registers and diffusers, to terminal units, fan coils and specialty products. 2 Pages. Example: 4200 FPM velocity = 1.1 "WG [see Chart I at right]. Maxi Comfort 800. ถึง 2,000 มม. for normal daily ventilation and for emergency ventilation in case of a fire.